Nonprofit Advisory Services

Our team can help guide you, and work alongside you as you manage your nonprofit organization.  Our team is comprised of passionate nonprofit accountants, CPAs, former nonprofit auditors, and nonprofit board members.  We can work collaboratively with you to achieve your financial needs, to include:

Custom dashboard reporting - Financial statements can help tell your story.  Let us help you tailor monthly or quarterly reporting, financial dashboards, or foundation narratives. This will help to provide you, your board, and your donors with the insight needed for your organization to flourish.  We leverage cloud based tools to create customized reports to suit your needs that can be updated in real-time, avoiding multiple versions of spreadsheet based reports.  We can help you identify the best metrics for tracking what is most important to you and your organization and present these in your monthly and quarterly reports.

Tailored board reporting packages – We can assist in creating rolled-up or expanded views of your financial results to aid the board in their governance tasks.  These reports are aimed at promoting meaningful board discussion about the most important financial issues facing your organization.

Budget Guidance – We can assist in the creation of annual budgets for the organization.  This exercise is a very important task, as it sets the organization’s intent for the coming year.  We can also assist in building program specific budgets and in tracking after funders’ grant budgets.  We can provide historical information framed to help look into the future as well as identify cost-drivers so that you can accurately budget for coming years.

Cash Flow Tracking – To ensure you have adequate cash on hand, we can provide rolling cash flow forecasting tools that help track when extra cash may be available for investment, or when cash may need to be moved to cover temporary shortfalls.

Grant Management – We can work with you to build the best structure for your accounting file as well as workflows for your team and ours. This will make it much easier to identify and track incoming grant funds and the related expenses for each grant.  We can also assist in the production of grant reports to satisfy your funders’ needs.

Policy Creation and Upkeep – Through discussion of your organization’s intentions and needs, we can help in the creation of meaningful financial policies, as well as work with you to periodically review these so that they are always reflective of current practices.

Chart of Accounts (Creation or Revision) – A clean and well-structured chart of accounts can help promote clear basic reports as well as accuracy in posting transactions.  We can review this important list with you and propose the best structure for your organization.

Analysis of Dimensional Reporting Needs – We’ll discuss how you think and plan for the organization, and from there, we’ll work on structuring your accounting file to match the way you need your books to be organized.  Whether you need to track functional expenses and multiple programs, or track funders and grants - we can set up the best dimensions for your organization.

QBO Account Creation – If your organization is new, or has been tracking in an accounting system that does not match your needs, we can create and host an accounting file for you.

Audit Support – The benchmark for our monthly close process is audit readiness.  At the end of your organization’s fiscal year, we work with you to manage your audit process.  We provide much of the support your auditor requests and can provide your audit firm with direct read-only access to best assist them with their process.

New Nonprofit Organization Support – As you form a new organization, you may be faced with a multitude of accounting questions.  We can work with you to set up a well-designed system with proper internal controls that is scalable as you achieve your new organization’s planned growth.

At Bestow Nonprofit Accounting and Consulting, our focus is on providing expert guidance to help nonprofits navigate their unique challenges and opportunities. Consider us your trusted financial advisors, offering insights and support for every aspect of your organization’s journey. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to amplify your impact and advance your mission.