Nonprofit Bookkeeping Services

Our team works to understand your organization, and we develop smart workflows to share information with you.   We will partner with you to take care of your basic needs, which typically include:

Bill Payment:  Using cloud-based tools, our highly trained team will collaborate with you to ensure your bills are paid in a timely and accurate manner.  We also assist in tracking your vendor information throughout the year.

Credit Card Maintenance:  We work to efficiently and accurately post and reconcile your organization’s credit card activity.  We understand what a burden it can be to track these sometimes fast-moving transactions. We’ll be able to assist with this and recommend tools that can provide ease and control to this process.

Support and Revenue:  We accurately post your organization’s contributions, grants, and program revenue. Furthermore, we’ll match information from the source, through your systems, to the bank deposits.

Payroll Processing:  We partner with full service providers to ensure your team’s payroll is processed each period and that this is accurately tracked in your books.

File Sharing:  We utilize a secure and user-friendly file sharing tool to seamlessly share your information with our team.

1099 reporting: Each year we can work with your organization to accurately maintain your vendor information and to produce and file your required IRS and state 1099 filings.

By implementing a complete approach to financial management, we provide tailored solutions that improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance for your nonprofit. As your dedicated bookkeeping partner, we focus on strategic financial insights that support your mission's growth - allowing you to concentrate on making a lasting impact. Our commitment is to empower your organization with clearness and confidence in your financial operations. Together, we aim to elevate your financial management, aligning with your goals for a profound organizational impact.