Meet the Team

We utilize a collaborative team approach.  Our team is CPA-led, and each client is served by a dedicated accountant supported by experienced managers, senior accountants, and staff accountants.  We understand our clients need to focus on serving their mission as they run the organization and create maximum impact with their resources.  Because we understand the demands of managing and growing nonprofit organizations, we seek to provide the support you need to best achieve your organization’s goals.  We promote clear and consistent communication.  We are purpose driven to provide a cost-effective solution that provides the best reporting tools, advice, and insight to help you on that path.

Our team shares unshakeable core values.  We believe in the art of balancing the meaningful work we do with elements of life that inspire joy.  We are truly grateful to the clients who entrust us with the task of providing accurate and meaningful reports.  We seek to understand and to truly listen to our clients so that we may propose the best solutions for day-to-day needs as well as for unique challenges the organization may face.  We promote open and proactive communication so that we can adjust as we need, serving each client as well as our fellow team members with grace.  Working with our clients, who are mission-minded and passionate leaders, we’re inspired to match their energy through the services we provide. 

Our CPA-led team is deeply committed to supporting the financial health and strategic goals of nonprofit organizations. Through personalized service, comprehensive accounting solutions, and a dedication to understanding each client's unique needs - we strive to be more than just accountants. We also aim to be trusted partners in your mission. In fact, we cherish the opportunity to work alongside those who make a significant impact, and it is our passion that drives us to excel in everything we do for you. We love what we do, and it shows.